Regular Program
KUS provides general education for children from grade 1-12 and has developed its own curriculum based on the Ministry of Education’s curriculum. All staff members have helped to adjust the school curriculum so that the subject matter, skills and morality content is relevant to the needs of our students. For example :

  • English Conversation for Grade 1-2.
  • Beginner’s English Lessons from Grade 3-12
  • Computing for grade 1-12
  • Opportunities for secondary students to study according to their skills and interests, and explore their talent and abilities through various extra curricular activities
Special Educational Program

KUS provides education for students with different development. The special educational program is for students with special learning needs such as a disability of the body, emotion, speech, blindness or learning disability. The process must be approved by their parents in cooperation with the specialists.

KUS has cooperated with the Child Psychiatric Hospital since academic year 1991 to provide this program for autistic students who have been elementarity trained by the hospital. These autistic students study in the full inclusion with students of Regular Program.

International Program

KUS established the international Program (IP) in 1993. The school offers teaching and learning in English by native speakers meanwhile the students have to study Thai and Thai Culture with Thai teachers and often participate in extra curricular activities which promote the value of being Thai with students in Regular Program. There are classes from kindergarten to Grade 12. The enrollment of students is separated from Kasetsart University Laboratory School’s (Regular Program). The School is situated at the same place as KUS.

Multi-Lingual Program

The Multi-Lingual Program for students in Grade 1-12 has been established in order to develop human resources and expand educational opportunities to the East of Thailand. The school offers a truly multi-lingual program with emphasis on learning and practicing foreign languages, especially English from Grade 1 and Chinese and Japanese taught by native speakers. The enrollment of students is separated from Kasetsart University Laboratory School’s (Regular Program). The school is situated at Amata Nakorn, Klongtamru, Muang, Cholburi.